Let us fuel the growth of your startup. We invest in promising software companies, enabling founders to realize their vision by our know-how and funding.

Imagine the future of your startup. Your digital product is used and loved, the income increases and expansion options are emerging on the horizon. The future starts now and congrats, you've just found a partner who will give you a helping hand throughout this journey!

Our Thesis

At Femur, we invest a substantial amount of the money we earn. Our goal is to share our extensive know-how, invest in the hidden gems from the IT & technology sector, and fuel their growth.
We support the development of product-based startups. We invest in sectors that we understand, believe in, and can help with: fintech, crypto and creator platforms.
We provide a vast network of specialists: developers, business analysts, project product managers, and experienced sales teams.

Mutual value

We guarantee that our knowledge exchange and financial boost translate into achieving goals and increasing profits.


We're tech pros: we follow technological trends and have experience in several business sectors.


Fintech, Crypto, Gaming, Marketplace