About us.

We love to get stuff done. We build exceptional digital products & services that build brands & grow businesses. We're self-funded, so we're our own bosses. That gives us the flexibility to be bolder, quicker, and to pick our battles.

What we do

We build next generation software-as-a-service products and financial apps. Make them easy to understand. Make them easy to use. Make sure that they make a difference. The kind of difference that will change the way people work for the better. Make it all happen in a flexible working environment that's in tune with everybody's needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to challenge core assumptions, unpick legacy behaviors, streamline complex processes, and shape the products and services that improve the lives of millions every single day.

Who we are

Femur Labs is an eclectic group of people who share a magical vision of the future. We aim to harmonize people and technology to create a better, more unified world. Our vision is to amplify the best parts of you.We are a comprehensive design and technology partner for the digital age.

We help businesses to innovate and our enhance the lives of our users through cutting-edge digital products. Every day we ask ourselves the same question: are we building products that's simpler, kinder, faster, better, and more human?

We invest

Founders and entrepreneurs approach us with their vision. We help transform their ideas into world class products and guide them on their journey from concept to funding. In addition to transforming ideas into world class digital products, we've developed an ecosystem to support our startups as they grow.